cortex.utils.get_ctmpack(subject, types='inflated', method='raw', level=0, recache=False, decimate=False, external_svg=None, overlays_available=None)[source]

Creates ctm file for the specified input arguments.

This is a cached file that specifies (1) the surfaces between which to interpolate (types argument), (2) the method to interpolate between surfaces


Name of subject in pycortex stored


Surfaces between which to interpolate.


string specifying method of how inverse transforms for labels are computed (determines how labels are displayed on 3D viewer) one of [‘mg2’,’raw’]


Whether to re-generate .ctm files. Can resolve some errors but takes more time to re-generate cached files.


whether to decimate the mesh geometry of the hemispheres to reduce file size

external_svgstr or None

file string for .svg file containing alternative overlays for brain viewer. If None, the overlays.svg file for this subject (in the pycortex_store folder for the subejct) is used.

overlays_available: tuple or None

Which overlays in the svg file to include in the viewer. If None, all layers in the relevant svg file are included.

ctmfile :