class cortex.dataset.Dataset(**kwargs)[source]

Wrapper for multiple data objects. This often does not need to be used explicitly–for example, if a dictionary of data objects is passed to cortex.webshow, it will automatically be converted into a Dataset.

All kwargs should be BrainData or Dataset objects.


__init__(self, \*\*kwargs)

Initialize self.

append(self, \*\*kwargs)

Add the BrainData or Dataset objects in kwargs into this dataset.


get_mask(self, subject, xfmname, maskname)

get_overlay(self, subject[, type])

get_surf(self, subject, type[, hemi, merge, …])

get_xfm(self, subject, xfmname)

prepend(self, prefix)

Adds the given prefix to the name of every data object and returns a new Dataset.

save(self[, filename, pack])

uniques(self[, collapse])

Return the set of unique BrainData objects contained by this dataset