• Installation fix for PyPi



  • Added function cortex.utils.download_subject to download new subjects for pycortex from web URLs. This function allows users to download FreeSurfer’s fsaverage surface, with a flatmap and ROI labels made by Mark Lescroart (#344)

  • Vertex objects have a new method .map() that allows mapping from one surface to another (#334)

  • Add cortex.freesurfer.get_mri_surf2surf_matrix to create a sparse matrix implementing the mri_surf2surf command (#334)

  • Add function to plot and save 3D views and plot panels (#337)

  • Axis object can be passed to quickshow (#325)

  • Help menu for the 3D WebGL viewer can be accessed with a shortcut (#319, #321)

  • New keyboard shortcuts (list)

  • Convenience function to import data preprocessed with fmriprep (#301)

  • Added option to use FreeSurfer’s BBR for automatic alignment and function to use Freeview for manual alignment


  • Fix DataView2D to allow plotting of 2D datasets with quickflat

  • Fix VertexRGB and VolumeRGB when alpha is not set

  • Allow arbitrary positioning of the colorbar with quickflat

  • Make quickflat more robust to extraneous polygons (#333)

  • Fix mouse behavior when unfold > 0.5 in WebGL viewer (#330)

  • Sub surfaces fixes (#307)

  • Firefox compatibility fixes (#306)

  • Miscellaneous python 3 fixes