Create a 3D WebGL Viewer with Multiple DatasetsΒΆ

A webgl viewer displays a 3D view of brain data in a web browser

Multiple datasets can be loaded into the same viewer

The priority kwarg passed to Volume objects determines the display ordering

Lower values of priority are displayed first

In the browser you can switch between datasets with the + and - keys

import cortex

import numpy as np

# gather multiple datasets
volume1 = cortex.Volume.random(subject='S1', xfmname='fullhead', priority=1)
volume2 = cortex.Volume.random(subject='S1', xfmname='fullhead', priority=2)
volume3 = cortex.Volume.random(subject='S1', xfmname='fullhead', priority=3)
volumes = {
    'First Dataset': volume1,
    'Second Dataset': volume2,
    'Third Dataset': volume3,

# create viewer

# a port number will then be output, for example "Started server on port 39140"
# the viewer can then be accessed in a web browser, in this case at "localhost:39140"

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