Finding out where the config and filestore are

Easily locating your config file and filestore locations. This comes in useful when things don’t work because the config file is not set correctly.

from __future__ import print_function
import cortex
from cortex.options import config

Finding where your config file is.


Finding where the current filestore is. Useful for when your subjects don’t show up in cortex.db, and all you have is S1.

print(config.get('basic', 'filestore'))

Finding where pycortex is looking for colormaps. Useful for when you get color map not found messages.

print(config.get('webgl', 'colormaps'))

To look at your config file, it is recommended that you open it with a text editor. However, you can still look at options from within pycortex.

# sections gets the upper-level sections in the config file
sections = config.sections()

# items gets the option items within a section as a list of key-value pairs.
basic_config = config.items('paths_default')

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